2. Made a little exhaust hanger. Nothing fancy, but light and functional. Tempted to do the classic lightening holes but think rigidity trumps looks and the .098 grams of weight savings.
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    Gardner vs. Lawson

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    King Kenny


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    P38 demonstrating they could fly on one engine.

    The cool thing is that the engines counter-rotated against each other, with right engine’s torque effect on the air frame was leveraged to keep the left wing up, and vice-versa, to help stabilize the aircraft if one of the engines were to be damaged and inoperable in battle.

    I had a pic just like this one on my wall growling up (under another of a P-51 Mustang). My father told me the only problem with the P-38 that ejecting pilot would on occasion be cut in half by the tail. Never looked at the pic the same again.

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  8. So turns out a pizza box is pretty handy for stripping paint. You can spin it to get everywhere, it has sides to keep the mess contained, and when your done, just close it up and dispose of ot.

  9. As much as I like red, the bike is gonna be deep brown, black and maybe gold. Btw - I love citrus stripper! Safe and effective!
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